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2010, first 2 months.

Howdy folks,

Here we are in early March 2010. What has the first 2 months brought me, and what’s in store?

Thus far, the year list is as 150. Not too shabby. Given it’s about to go quiet though, I think I’d rather be at 200. Still – have picked up Ground Parrot – a bird that has eluded me for many years –  and this year is more about the lifer and click ticks rather than the year tick.

What’s in store? I’m off to Albury/Chiltern and then out to Pyramid Hill where I’m paying for a guide to get me Plains Wanderer and anything else awesome (probably 25-40 year ticks, and 2-3 lifers); off to the Warrumbungles for my midyear trip (probably 10-15 year ticks, 1 lifer possible); and either a Tasmania or a Lord Howe Island “hooray I’m finished uni” trip (how many year/life ticks depends where we go – ~15-20 lifers Lord Howe, ~5 Tasmania. but it would be good to wrap up Tasmania).

So. Should end up with ~250-300 for the year, and hopefully I’ll get the life list up to 480.

Off course, the BIG thing is the impnding purchase of the 500mm lens. I. Can’t. Wait.

Happy birding!