Birding around Sydney

Welcome to Birding Around Sydney : A Location Guide For Visitors.

This is a mirror of my old tpg guide that I strangely found was still being referred to on various birding forums, but given that I’m about to move and will be changing ISPs, that site won’t exist in the near future. Please bear in mind that much of this information is 8-10 years old now. Places like Penrhyn Estuary have had dramatically changed access with the expansion of the Port Botany docks, Yeramba Lagoon is now covered in weeds, seems to be dry, and is probably not worth visiting (although the nearby Sylvan Grove Native Gardens and Deep Water Park are worth a visit). I will update this information in time, but it’s a large task. If you have specific questions, please ask away in the comments below.


Sydney has many more places for birdwatching than those listed here – this is merely a sample of some of the fantastic places to visit.

For each entry, a link to Google Maps has been provided, showing the location itself zoomed out, or the nearest access point, and a second link will be provided showing the specific place. It is hoped that this will make it easy to find the spots, and the birds!

If you would like a particular location included, please get in contact and provide as much information as possible on the location.

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