Victoria trip, days 5-14ish

I’m writing from the Bowral of Victoria – Daylesford – in misty, drizzly rain. Yep – Victoria has really turned it on for us weather wise. That said, the birding has been spectacular, although it looks like im going to be robbed of my pilgrimage to Chiltern again, as the forecast is for more craptacular weather for the coming days when I’ll be there. The Internet is as atrocious as I’ve ever seen, so no photos until we get home in a few days, but I’ve seen 190 species of bird, 10ish mammals, but only 3 reptiles, over the past 2 weeks, and that’s a cracking return really. The Grampians were open this time around (much of the park was shut when we were there in 2011 following flood related damage) and if not for terribly hot conditions, more walks would have been done, but what we saw made me keen to get back.

I also think I’m ready to move to Port Fairy. That place shits on most other coastal towns in terms of awesome, plus it’s got 2 huge shearwater colonies and pelagic birding trips run out of it – what more can you ask for. Deakin University have got a campus at Warrnambool so I can get a job there, commute, and go birding at Tower Hill on the way back. Oh yeah – Tower Hill Reserve is awesome as well. Went there without expecting much, and came back about 3 hours later with a list of 50 odd birds. Gotta be happy with that. And the best pizza I’ve had in years was from some joint in the main strip in Port Fairy… Get down there.

Anyway – back in Sydney in … 4 more days? So in 5-6, expect a more well written, composed, and picture filled post, complete with a bird list for all you bird nerds who want to see a list of what I’ve seen.