Victoria 2012 update – days 1-4

Hello thrill seekers – a quick update on the trip thus far. I’m writing from Ocean Grove, down on the Bellarine Peninsula, and sitting back with a glass of red. Happy days.

We’ve had some terrible weather with strong winds and rain for the first 2.5 days, shocking traffic coming out of Melbourne yesterday, and today’s been really nice. Tomorrow is meant to be about 37 or something, so I’m planning on being in rainforest near waterfalls, or at the pub. Or both. Probably in that order, actually.

As the weather has been poorly, birding opportunities have been limited. Down here, really I’ve only been able to have a look at the Rutherglen swamps (was going to hit up the usual Chiltern spots, but sleetish rain, 50+ kmh winds and being really cold kept me in the car), Lake Eildon, Badgers Weir in Healesville, and spent the day today at the Western Treatment Plant. The WTP was typically awesome, Badgers Weir was a surprisingly excellent spot, and Lake Eildon was also really nice, despite the strong winds.

Not counting today’s birds, we’ve seen about 90odd species, and after today, I reckon we’d be up to about 130-140ish birds. Tomorrow we head off to the Great Ocean Road, staying at Apollo Bay and hitting about 20 spots in the Otways. It will be awesome.

Until next time.