Residential School

Being the early 30’s, stylish, trendsetting kinda guy that I am, people are frequently surprised to hear I’m at uni. Not that I work at one, but that I’m studying… still.

What they don’t realise is that one of the things that made me go back to uni and actually complete (not that I have, but only 2 subjects to go) is the promise of Residential School. This is time that work pays me to go and attend university off in rural NSW, and it almost always butts up next to a weekend. Add a bit of rec leave here and there, and you have a 6 day paid holiday in the bush someplace (Wagga Wagga or Albury, in my case) and you only actually lose 1-2 days of rec leave.

This time it’s paid off even better, and I don’t actually use up any rec. leave, and I’m going to see a Plainswanderer. Woohoo. That said, I will be driving significantly more than the RTA, or any normal person would consider safe in a very short period of time, but I’m going to see a plainswanderer, so I don’t care.

I also get to do some birding every morning around Chiltern, Vic, which is a seriously nice place that everyone should visit at least once, and conditions appear to be the goods at the moment as well, so I’m very much looking forward to that.

Anyway – I’ll post here when I can with updates to the excitement. I’m in labs from 9-6 each day as of Wednesday, with an exam Friday arvo, so I’ll only be able to bird in the early morning, but I should hopefully see some good things. I’m also heading out spotlighting each night looking for Barking Owl, so yeah… I’m gonna be a zombie when I get back to work on Tuesday the 20th… looking forward to that meeting with teh MacQuarie Uni librarians…!

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