Sydney Pelagic – 14 July 2012

Official trip report here.


As promised in my post after the May trip, I was out on the July one. This was possibly one of the nicest days out at sea – it was a beautiful warm, clear, sunny and fairly flat day out. Only 1 person was sick that I saw, and yet again, it wasn’t me. I also brought my mum and dad out with me on this trip, as a significant birthday gift for my mum. Some of my dads shots will be linked to from here later on.

Providence Petrel

As it was fairly calm, I was hopeful for some sea-monster sightings, and wasn’t disappointed. We saw Humpback Whale, Southern Right Whale, Dwarf Minke Whale, Shortfin Mako Shark, Short-beaked Common Dolphin, and False Killer Whale was also seen, but not by me. Bird was it was down on numbers and diversity, but we managed Little Shearwater, White-faced Storm-petrel and some juvenile albatross, one of which is the subject of a seperate post here.

Fairy Prion

I’ll be back, probably on the September/October trip. Maybe October, as I’ve got a trip to Bowra in September…

If anyone out there reading this cares to look at the post about the possible Grey-headed Albatross and offer an opinion, that’d be great!

Wandering Albatross

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  1. Joshua Bergmark

    Didn’t realise you were there Troy! I’m still not sure I agree with the “Black-browed” ID, but I don’t have anywhere near as much experience with pelagic species as the experts, so I won’t argue with their decision again like I did on the boat ;)

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