Sydney Pelagic – 12 May 2012

Roger McGovern’s trip report is here, and my Flickr gallery here.

Habitat shot of a Providence Petrel

Went out on the May pelagic trip on board the Halicat with Bernhard (some of his shots here) on the weekend. It was a fairly quiet, but good trip. Highlights bird wise was easily Black-bellied Storm-petrel (which I didn’t get a photo of, but Raja did), finally getting some photos Providence Petrel, and sea-monster wise was quite easily the False Killer Whales. I’ve never seen them before apart from in the books, and they were awesome (some photos taken by Rohit here).

Campbell Island Albatross

Apart from that, there wasn’t much in the way of numbers of birds or diversity of species – I only took 750ish photos (down from my normal pelagic rate of ~2000) and after getting rid of all the overexposed, out of focus and blurred shots of ocean and wingtips, I have only got about 170ish shots to choose from – further evidence of the quiet nature of the trip. Plus it was quite rough on the way out – a fact not lost on the 4-5 people who were violently ill for much of the voyage. Fortunately I am yet to be sea-sick, and having now survived a couple of fairly rough trips, I think I’ll be right as long as I keep dosing up on the meds!

I’ll be back out on the July trip, which will be full of hot albatross action.

Youngish Black-browed Albatross