South coast of NSW

On the weekend, we had a quick trip down to the south coast of NSW to see how many northbound migrants were still around in breeding plumage (none in breeding plumage, not many that look to be staying for winter) and how many of our NZ friends have arrived to not freeze for their winter (plenty of Double-banded Plovers and a few White-fronted Tern). It also gave me a chance to give the new camera a whirl, and I think I’m in love with it. That’s probably for the best given it costs lots, hey?

Lake Conjola - Hooded Plover country

Fairly early Saturday morning we loaded up the car and drove out – destination being the very lovely Milton Country Cottages at Yattah Yattah. This was our second stay at this place, but unfortunately it was to be probably 1 or 2 days too short. If you go, you should really try and stay for at least 2 nights. We/I get no monetary reward for plugging the cottages – they’re just a very nice place to stay in a very nice part of the world run by very nice people.

Red-capped Plover - Charadrius ruficapillus

We headed down by the coast, and came back via the Southern Highlands. The paces I wanted to check out included Shoalhaven Heads, Lake Conjola and Burrill Lake. I saw 69 species over the weekend, with the high lights being Osprey, Lesser Sand Plover, Hooded Plover and a close encounter with a very tame Eastern Reef Egret, before it got scared away by a dog wielding person, who was intent on seeing what I was up to. Way to go, champ…

All in all, a very pleasant way to spend a weekend. We’re going down again in a few weeks time, but even further south, so this was a recon trip, if you will.

Until next time.

Eastern Reef Egret - Egretta sacra

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