Boat Harbour – 20 March 2012

One of the things I love about my job is flexi time. Being the busy start of the year, I accrue silly amounts of the stuff, and I have to take it, particularly when the tide is right, and the weather is all good. So it was, that I left work at about 1ish on a Tuesday afternoon and headed down to Boat Harbour at Kurnell, with a view to seeing how many more Double-banded Plovers have arrived, and to see if anything interesting was about.

Double-banded Plover - one of 13 individuals

There were plenty of Double-banded Plovers, well up on the 2 or 3 I’d seen a few weeks ago. The Stints are also starting to colour up, and there was a Sanderling about as well. I didn’t manage to photograph the Sanderling, but I did get this shot of a very, very pale Stint that has me thinking Sanderling – have a look and let me know what you think.

The other highlight was this Nankeen Kestrel which posed nicely on a fence post for me. In the fairly harsh direct sunlight it was hard to get a nicely balanced image, but it’s ok I think.

Nankeen Kestrel

More shots of the trip are in the gallery.

3 thoughts on “Boat Harbour – 20 March 2012

  1. @steve_happ

    Hi troy.

    nice report. dont ask me to ID waterbirds. i am crap at it.
    that light is harsh on the kestrel. you done good.


  2. Max Breckenridge

    Hey Troy,

    some nice shots in there. I’m still yet to see Sanderling in Aus. Your bird in question is a stint.


  3. Troy Post author

    Cheers Steve. The more I look at the shot I’m more convinced it is just the light making a regular RN Stint paler. Structurally it isn’t right for a sanderling.

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