Sydney Pelagic – 10 March 2012

There is a trip report from Roger McGovern available here, and I’ve uploaded a whole swag of photos to the gallery – you can look at them here. I’ll link directly to the album when I manage to sort that out – getting used to new software!

I’m becoming a huge fan of pelagics. I was constantly worried about getting sea-sick and/or having a massive panic attack at being stuck on a boat. I’ve now realised I don’t get sea-sick, and thankfully my anxiety days seem to be behind me. March 2012 was my 5th pelagic, and easily the best one I’ve been on yet.

The birding highlights were many – White-chinned Petrel, White-necked Petrel, (brief) Red-tailed Tropicbird, (very distant – for me) Bridled Tern, cooperative Bullers – unusual for this early in the year – and Shy Albatross, all the Jaegers (Pomarine, Long-tailed & Arctic), and 6 varieties of Shearwater (Flesh-footed, Wedge-tailed, Fluttering, Hutton’s, Short-tailed & Sooty). And conditions were calm-ish. And there were heaps of dolphins everywhere, launching totally out of the water and everything. At one point Nikolas was saying there were Pan-tropical Spotted Dolphin – certainly the dolphins I saw at that point that were very close to the boat weren’t smooth grey like the bottlenose dolphins I’m more familiar with… but I don’t know much about mammals except that they have hair and produce milk, so I’ll defer to the experts.

Not much to say here that isn’t in Rogers report I link to above – so yeah – here’s some pictures.

White-chinned Petrel


Bullers Albatross


Flesh-footed Shearwater


Shy Albatross

I can’t make the April trip, but I’m definitely looking at the May and June ones.

Until next time!