Belting rain at Strahan! Oh noes!

Well into the home stretch now, and plans are starting to go awry. Spotlighting last night turned up a solitary Brush-tailed Possum, with no hint of devil, wombat or owl, whether masked or boobook. Then I was going to head out predawn this morning to find ground parrots and emu-wrens at the airport, only to wake up at about 2 am to the gentle pitter patter of a solid stream of rain. It has been getting heavier since then. I do have a black-headed honeyeater serenading me right now – small consolation. We’ll head out to the heads & airport on the way out, and I’ll have a quick, damp look for parrots anyways. Fortunately I’ve seen both birds before, but as the parrots are common here, I was hoping to get that Australian Geographic cover shot of a group of them playing poker or something… Or, you know, just a photo. Ah well.

Apart from that, today we’ll go to (or should that be “today we went to”?) Lake St Clair and do a short walk or two, and then into Hobart. Tomorrow I’ll hopefully be going to Melaleuca, but the weather people are saying that the front is due in the early afternoon, so I’m not particularly hopeful – we’d probably arrive, only to have to turn around again to get back to Hobart before the front. I’ll give ’em a ring and see what the airplane people say – who knows what can happen in a crazy big city like Hobart? Then it’s Bruny Island for the last of the Tasmanian endemics I need to find – 40 Spotted Pardalaote – before heading back to Sydney for some red hot shed demolition work on Saturday. Hooray. then back to work Monday :(

So – who’s up for spending a week at Werribee STW in May/June 2012, looking for OBPs? Craig – can I crash at your place?