Halfway there…

Last time I wrote, I was hopeful of getting to Melaleuca. That was before we headed up the east coast to the Bay of Fires, across the top, and over to Stanley. Lookin at the synoptic charts, there’s a pair of cold fronts that are looking like hitting Tasmania on Wednesday/Thursday, which were my backup backup days!! Still, I’m ever the optimist and hopefully the fronts won’t get here until Thursday/Friday, and I’ll manage to see an OBP or 16!

In other news, I’m now up to about 104 birds for the trip, with the latest being Little Penguin last night. Also at about 10-11 mammals, 1 frog seen, 1 id’ed from call, 1 butterfly and 5 dragon and damselflies. Strangest bird sighting so far is a musk duck (female) getting some “me time” in the ocean, and another one (male) that seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time on its back. Most disappointing sighting would be the 4 common (Indian) mynas seen 11km out of Stanley yesterday – ill be reporting that one to the authorities as there’s work being done to stop them gaining a foothold here.

Anyway the Internet is patchy as, so who knows when this will actually get loaded. Today we head down to Strahan, where I’ve got a hot date lined up with Ground Parrots and emu-wrens, and a bit of spotlighting tonight to hopefully find me a devil and/or masked owl.