Adelaide, or halfway there

Hello readers!

well we ventured into parts of SA we’ve never been to, drove down many sketchy 4wd tracks in our un-4wd, and came back unscathed. Have even managed to get Internet access here in Adelaide, some photos have been processed and will be uploaded later today, so all is well.

When I last posted we were at Port Augusta, which, apart from the Arid Lands Botanic Gardens, is a lovely place to drive through. Not much else there really, apart from supermarkets and petrol stations to stock up on supplies with.

I headed down to Whyalla early the next day to try for Thick-billed Grasswren, but only succeeded in finding a breeding plumaged Common Greenshank and Slender-billed Thornbill – the Thornbill putting me on 499!! Unfortunately the stooging around trying to find the spot for the Grasswren cost me all the time I had set aside for getting to Lake Gillies where I had other birds lined up, so it was back to Port Augusta and another crack at the wedgebill and redthroat.

And both were found – Wooo! Chirruping Wedgebill now has spot 500 on my list and Redthroat has spot 501. Hooray!

Anyway – we headed off to the Flinders Ranges after that, and it’s an incredible place. We walked many walks, took many photos, looked at many Indigenous engravings and paintings (check my flickr later today for an example) and generally had an awesome time until yesterday when the change kicked in and it went cold and wet.

I managed to get bird 502, Short-tailed Grasswren after about 3 hours of walking up and down that bloody hill (Stokes Hill) and all was, again, well in the world. there were also more reptiles to be had, including a stunning 2+meter western brown snake crossing the road, and (possibly 2, although it could be the same species with different colouring/patterning) geckos that I’m having a hard time identifying. The birding highlight would have to have been a close up with a Wedge-tailed Eagle that was feeding on fresh fox roadkill – photo to come shortly. Also tried my hand at some landscape photography, unfortunately the clouds were against me in the exapmle I’ll upload later on, but hopefully you’ll get the idea.

And with that, we came to Adelaide. Today we’re off to look at the pandas at the zoo, and the I’m off to tick off Barbary Dove in the northern suburbs. In a day or two, we’re off to Kangaroo Island for 4 days, and then the slow trip back to Sydney and reality begins. That said, we’ve only just hit he halfway point, so I shouldn’t dwell on such things.

Until then, there’s about 4-5 more lifers to be had, and plenty to do- we’ve still got about 4000km, Kangaroo Island and the Grampians, another pass through the Riverina and my annual visit to Chiltern to go! I reckon there’s at least another 50-ish birds to see, and 4-5000 photos to take yet.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to complain that the autocorrect/ suggested spelling on the iPhone is rubbish.