Lizards, lifers, and early autumn heatwaves

I once met a person on the Internet, and they were from South Australia. Not that you know it, given how difficult it is to get free/cheap access here. When I win lotto and don’t work any more, im going to open cheap Internet joints in South Australia. I can only assume that the grey nomad massive dont care for the internet, so no-body has tried it yet.

Aaaaaanyway – onto the trip. Currently in a somewhat warm Port Augusta – dropped in at Telowie Gorge on the way where bird 498 was spied – Elegant Parrot. Also picked up some great shots of Grey-fronted honeyeater having a bath. Went to arid lands botanical gardens, but in the heat and everything, aimed to find Redthroat or Chirruping wedgebill, but they were sheltering and not showing in the heat. Oh well. Off to Whyalla and Lake Gilles tomorrow morning before heading up to Flinders Ranges, and at some stage inthe next couple of days I’ll crack the 500. Wooo!

Lizards! Telowie gorge is a beautiful spot. It’s also the most reptilian place we’ve visited yet. 1 snake (no idea what, but it was a smaller one that scampered off into the undergrowth) 2 types of skink (1 unidentified, 1 photographed and ID pending) and 3 dragons (all photographed) rivaled the bird diversity. All up I’m still entering bird records into the database, but we/I’ve seen probably 140+ so far, but we’ve seen 3 snakes, at least 12 types of skink, at least 10 dragons but no goannas – yet. It’s been a great trip for non-bird sightings. There’s also way more dragonflies and butterflies than I thought there’d be, but the dragonflies are more reluctant to perch. Butterflies are as reluctant as ever to pose for me :)

Anyway – at some point – perhaps when get home – I’ll have Internet access again and there’ll be photos.


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  1. Julie

    Sounds like life is pretty perfect. I love travelling in SA. Is the Flinders Ranges still like one continuous Earth Hour?

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