Ostrich – a rather silly bird to tick in Australia

Greetings from Swan Hill. Still have no interwebs, so no photos yet, and it’s all from the phone, so there’s no links and it does silly autocorrect and stuff, but anyway…

Today was a big and good day. Drove around 600km, leaving wagga a bit later than ideal, and headed up to Leeton. Too sunny for crakes, but good birds such as Black Falcon, and Spotted Harrier were had.

Then we headed down to a spo near Barham to look for an apparently tickable population of Ostrich – 1 male and 3 females/juveniles were found. Bird #491 on the list. One of the more ridiculous birds on the list, but at least ts not a milestone bird there is (scarily) a chance I’ll end up with Barbary Dove as #500!

A rough guestimate of birds seen today is about 60 species, bringing the trip list up to around 90ish. Not bad for 3 days with only a few “proper” birding moments.

anyway – I’m pretty rinsed after all the travel, and am going to bed shortly. Tomorrow is Mildura via Hattah, Should be a cracker

And thanks to everyone involved in the parcel shenanigans that happened today!