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(tap. tap. tap.) Is this thing on?

Hi everyone, sorry about the absolute lack of posts… it’s been hectic doing this parenting thing! I’ve still been getting out there birding a bit, but not as much as I used to. Anyway – I’m now going to be more pro-active and start posting stuff more regularly. First up will be porting my now long-in-the-tooth-but-still-used guide to birding in Sydney ( to this blog, as in the coming months we’re moving suburbs and I’ll be changing ISP which means that page won’t be live soon. As a plus of the move, I’ll be 15 minutes away from some of my favourite spots in the Royal NP, so going for a sneaky birding mission before Jr. wakes up will be actually doable. And going spotlighting for Sooty Owl also becomes a reality. Anyway – more on that later!
So yeah – strap yourselves in for (weekly? at the very least more regular) updates.