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Bassian Thrush

Recently we had a holiday of the best part of a week at the wonderful Narrawallee Creek Studio. (I’ve posted about a previous trip here). Obviously Jr, who was 6 and a bit months old at the time came along, and that significantly reduced my birding opportunities. Doesn’t he know that this isn’t the way these things are meant to happen??

In all seriousness though, it was a great trip. Tiring, but good. I managed to see some good birds, including 4 Hooded Plover at 2 locations (approximately 8% of the NSW population), the first lot of returning Bar and Black-tailed Godwit, Great Knot, Whimbrel and Eastern Curlew, a couple of late departing Double Banded Plovers. Shoalhaven Heads is open for business – you don’t need to take the ferry across to access the good bird areas, as was the case last year.

One of the other highlights was filming a Bassian Thrush having a good old feed – obviously it has got a mate – or a brood – on the nest. I had a look around for a nest, but couldn’t find anything. (I’ll add a screen cap and make this look better shortly. Trust me – it’s worth a click)

I also managed to get up to Mudgee for a look at the Citrine Wagtail a couple of days before – a lazy 700-odd km fathers day twitch before settling in to drink beer and watch the Swans play some mighty fine football. Shame they didn’t repeat that a couple of weeks later at the Grand Final, but it was a good way to spend my first fathers day. If all my future Fathers Days can be that tops, I’m in a pretty alright place.

Who knows when I’ll get around to uploading more photos and video – it’s taken me this long to get this video uploaded. Babies eh? Stay tuned however – I’ll upload a few shots to Flickr at some point soon.

Anyway – thanks again to Cindy and King for being excellent hosts, and thanks to you for taking the time to read this.



Scaly-breasted Lorikeet

Howdy all,


Well, Jr. is now at the 4.1 month mark, so I’ve celebrated by having the week off. And going to visit Nana on the maternal side, and leaving him with them for a bit while I skyved off down the local park (Deep Water Park, a long time gay beat, past home to Blue Gum Farm, and the Georges River Motor Boat Club or something like that) to see what’s about.

Sca;y-breasted Lorikeet, checking out a nest hollow

Sca;y-breasted Lorikeet, checking out a nest hollow

… is what was about.

There’s also a super reliable Nankeen Night-heron there on the first lake as you drive in. Next to the dead cormorant that has been hanging from a tree for at least 4 weeks.

Still, for a bit of bush in the midst of suburbia, it goes alright. For anyone of my vintage (“mid” 30’s) that grew up around the area and remember it from back in the day, it’s way less dodgy than it used to be. Less of a dump a body vibe than it once had, and the tracks are now sealed. Woo.

And there’s breeding Scaly-breasteds to boot.

Until next time.


Hi everyone,

Things have been slow around here – I was busy at the end of last year with study and birding, and didn’t do much to this site at all! I wrote a summary of last year and never got around to posting it, which I should fix. Better to have a summary of events 4-5 months late than never, eh?

And now I’ve got an 8 week old son, so I’ve got even less time for updating the website, and unfortunately for going birding at the moment. Soooo, I’m changing the site so that it goes direct to this blog rather than the old website (the change has been made on the server – it just has to take effect – all the links from there will be accessible from here (such as to Flickr etc shortly). Hopefully it will help to keep the site from looking really really dated, and just looking a bit dated instead.